Renter’s Insurance is a Necessary Protection in Hesperia, CA

Take a look around your apartment. Roughly estimate how much your belongings cost. You’ve probably got about $1500 in electronics alone. A pair of good winter boots. The designer bag your grandmother bought you for college graduation. All of your furniture, which even if it came from thrift stores and Ikea, would be expensive to replace all at once.

So what happens if you have to do just that? Imagine all of your belongings are simply gone one day. How could you afford to replace everything fast enough?

You probably can’t. Most of us save up over time to accumulate the furniture, clothing, and electronics we need. Even with an emergency fund stocked away, it would be hard to completely start fresh.

That’s why you need renter’s insurance. Renters insurance does for renters what homeowner’s insurance does for homeowners – more or less. In the event of lost property, renter’s insurance saves you from having to go all out on new items.

Fire and Flood

All policies differ, but the majority will cover fire damage to your belongings. Water damage due to flooding from a building element – a leak on the floor above you – should also be covered. Flooding damage due the “river rising” generally is not covered by renter’s insurance

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, even as a renter you can purchase separate flood insurance. This may be an especially good choice if you live in a basement apartment.


Renters insurance is a great catch-all protection for more than just your living space. It covers items that are stolen from your car or even off your person in public.

Apartment robbed? Covered. Windshield smashed and phone in the glove compartment taken? Covered. Walking down the street and a mugger grabs your bag? The contents are covered (as is the bag itself!).

Cost-Benefit is High

Renter’s insurance is one of the lowest cost insurances out there. You can get basic coverage for just $15 dollars monthly on average.

While it always seems like there is another bill to pay, renters’ insurance is a great way to spend-money-to-save-money. Particularly for those who are just starting out, fire damage or electronics thefts could really set them back. Unexpected replacement costs could even put someone in debt.

However, investing a small premium monthly to cover these items in the event of a disaster is one the best financial decisions one can make.

When you live in an apartment, you can’t control what other occupants of the building or the maintenance crew are doing. But you can protect yourself and mitigate your losses in an emergency.

Talk to R&R Property & Casualty Insurance Agency about how to get yourself the best coverage as a renter.

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