Essential Business Insurance Coverage Options to Consider in Hesperia, CA

You’ve built your business from the ground up, don’t leave it vulnerable to unexpected circumstances. Get the right kind of business insurance options to protect your business and employees.

At R & R Property Insurance & Casualty Insurance Agency, we offer a variety of commercial insurance including commercial auto, general liability, Errors and Omissions (E&O), Worker’s Compensation, Bonds, and more. Reach out to your agent today to discuss what kind of coverage your business needs.

Commercial Auto

Businesses with drivers on the road need to have a commercial auto policy that covers their customized vehicles, employee drivers, and any potential liability in an accident.

For businesses with customized vehicles such as plow trucks or trade vans, getting coverage that will ensure the expensive modifications to their vehicles is a smart business move. Typical auto insurance policies only carry a set monetary limit for special parts in a vehicle which is unlikely to be enough to cover refrigeration units or construction equipment integrated into a truck or van.

General Liability

In the course of doing business, it’s possible you may face a suit holding you liable for something that happened at or because of your business. Perhaps a customer slipped on your wet sidewalk or their car was scratched in your car wash. General liability insurance can cover you in a suit of this nature.

Errors and Omissions

If you’ve ever wished for a solution for making mistakes, errors and omissions insurance offers this. If you are taken to court over errors made in your business, errors and omissions insurance can help protect against costs incurred in the case.

This type of insurance is a good idea for those who provide services to the public and could be accused of negligence.

Worker’s Compensation

As a business owner, you no doubt put every effort into creating a safe work environment for your employees. Still, accidents happen. When they do, make sure you are covered by worker’s compensation insurance so your employee gets the funds they need to recover and your business remains protected in the interim.

Worker’s compensation insurance covers a range of extremely expensive options after a workplace injury, including healthcare costs, continuing to pay a salary, and benefits for someone who becomes disabled due to workplace accidents. Without insurance to help you meet legal claims for compensation, your business could be in financial danger.


If you’re the type of business that performs work for clients on their own property such as plumbing or house-cleaning, getting bonded is good insurance and an advertising perk. Bonded businesses are backed by surety bonds that will compensate customers in the event of poor work. Customers like to see businesses hold bonds and they are good coverage for your business if there is ever a dispute.

Work with R & R Property & Casualty Insurance Agency to make sure your business is covered by the appropriate business and commercial insurance for your needs. Meet with your agent today when you call 760-244-5684.

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