Factors that Determine What Your Auto Insurance Premium Will Be in Hesperia, CA

Car insurance premiums are the monthly bill you pay to your insurance company. They are formulated based on the level of risk of insuring you. When an insurance company provides you a policy, they are betting the coverage amount that you will be a safe driver and not get into an accident.

However, if you have certain risk factors, they become less sure about their bet and expect higher compensation for insuring you in the form of higher premiums. Complex research and mathematical formulas go into determining your level of risk. Some of those risk factors include:


New drivers are among the most expensive to insure. That’s because their inexperience is more likely to cause an accident in the first years of driving.

Some parents are reluctant to have the kids get their license due to the sharp increase in car insurance for their teens. Occasionally, teen insurance can be negotiated to a lower rate due to proof of conscientiousness, such as good grades.


Hand-in-hand with experience is age. Simply being in your teens ups your risk factor and thus your premium.

But so too does being elderly. Elderly drivers can cause serious risks on the roads as their reflexes slow.

Both ends of the spectrum, younger and older, can cause your insurance premiums to increase.


Gender is another factor that influences car insurance rates. Young males in their teens pay significantly more compared to female teens. Male teens are shown to take greater risks while driving as well as engaging in more dangerous behavior. This increases the risk to insure them and therefore the overall premium cost.

Driving History

Your driving history is one of the biggest predictors of your insurance cost. Too many tickets or accidents is a red flag to insurers that you are going to cost them money.

If you have a poor driving history, doing your best to learn safer driving techniques can help lower your insurance premiums in the future.

Claims History

Even if you are a safe driver, too many claims from non-liable accidents can also influence your insurance cost. That is why some people choose to pay for minor dents or scratches out of pocket rather than filing for these as an insurance claim.

Vehicle Age, Value, and Type

Newer vehicles are most expensive to insure because they are more valuable to replace. When purchasing a new vehicle, factor in the increased cost of vehicle insurance.

Some types of vehicles are also more likely to have a higher cost. Vehicles that are seen as “aggressive” such as sportscars likely have higher premiums.

There are a few things you can do to reduce your risk, but most are based on characteristics out of your control. If you go several years with an exceptionally safe driving record, for instance, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate. If however, you have aged into a new bracket during this time these may cancel each other out.

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